Annuity Payments

The payments or income stream that flows from the insurance company to the annuitant when an annuity contract is annuitized.

Fixed Annuity Sales Continue to Soar While Massive Inflation Risks are Ignored

Bloomberg reports that there is continued strength in fixed and immediate...

Falling Interest Rates Equate to Lower Annuity Payments and Pension Income for Thousands of UK Retirees

Interest rates in many countries are at historic lows as a result of monetary policy that is intended to address the financial crisis. This low rate environment will have a profound impact on the finances of many retirees since interest rates are a key ingredient in annuity payments. "Thousands of savers who are about to retire could lose hundreds of pounds each year because leading pension firms have cut their annuity rates over the last two weeks, with Norwich Union, Standard Life and...
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What are the differences between variable, fixed and immediate annuities?

There are many, many different types of annuities. 

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How can an annuity protect me from a volatile market?

Annuities can be very effective in providing protection against market

Are the companies that provide annuity products safe in the current upheaval of the banking and financial services industry?

There has been a ton of recent discussion in the press about the financial health of life and