Insurance Companies

Fixed Annuity Market Challenges

A very good article from Darla Mercado at Investment News discusses the current challenges that insurers face in the


New Rules for Fixed Annuity Suitability

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has adopted an amendment that will affect the processes involved in determining the suitability of fixed annuity sales. Much of the supervisory responsibility for fixed annuity suitability will be shifted towards the insurance company . Broker -dealers will likely receive much of their guidelines, materials and recommendations from insurance companies. The result is an increase in compliance burden which will likely have the greatest...

The Opportunity of a Lifetime for Life Insurers

There currently exists what would appear to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for life insurance companies who are essentially the manufacturers of asset decumulation products such as annuities.

Life Insurers Suing Broker Dealers Over Sale of Variable Annuities to Terminally Ill Annuitants

Investment News reports that two life insurance companies are suing a handful of broker dealers over the sale of variable annuities to terminally ill annuitants. The suit involves a Rhode Island-based attorney who allegedly solicited terminally ill people through advertising and an offer of $2,000 per variable annuity purchase.
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