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Great American Financial Resources, Inc. (GAFRI) started marketing insurance products in 1950 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Financial Group, Inc. GAFRI is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. GAFRI provides insurance and investment products to individuals and businesses through its subsidiaries and affiliate companies such as Great American Life Insurance Company, Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company, Great American Advisors, Inc., Great American Life Assurance Company, United Teacher Associates Insurance Company etc. A brief overview of products and services offered by GAFRI, its subsidiaries and its affiliate companies is given below: Annuities: GAFRI offers Fixed, Variable and Fixed-Indexed Annuities. A fixed annuity provides a fixed minimum interest rate over a period of time and the savings grow tax-deferred. A variable annuity offers returns based on the performance of general accounts and subaccounts tied to financial markets. A fixed-indexed annuity offers returns based on the performance of major stock indexes such the S&P 500 and also provides principal protection. IRAs: GAFRI subsidiaries offer Traditional, Roth, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) and Simple IRAs. Group Pension Plans: Group Pension Plans or employer sponsored pension plans are available for businesses that want to provide retirement savings plan to their employees. Life & Health Insurance: GAFRI’s subsidiaries provide several life and health insurance options for individuals, including supplemental insurance, for securing themselves and their families against unforeseen life and health risks and problems. Advisory Services: Great American Advisors, Inc., an affiliated company of the Great American Financial Resources, Inc. provides investment consulting services to institutional clients. Plan Administration: An affiliated company of GAFRI, the Great American Plan Administrators, Inc. provides plan administration services for 403(b) and 457(b) plans to employers.
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