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Modern Woodmen of America is a fraternal benefit society that offers life insurance, annuity, investment and banking products and services to families and business. It was founded in 1883 and is currently headquartered in Rock Island, Illinois. Modern Woodmen of America also provides additional insurance products such as health insurance, disability insurance, Medicare supplement, dental insurance, long-term care coverage etc. through MWAGIA, Inc, one of its subsidiaries. Below is a brief overview of products and services offered by Modern Woodmen of America: Life Insurance: Life insurance products offered by Modern Woodmen of America include Term life insurance that provides coverage for a fixed period of time and Permanent Life insurance that provides protection for entire life and accumulates cash value over time. It also offers Children's and Young Adult's Life insurance that covers children and young adults aged between zero to 25 years of age. This can be converted into term or permanent life insurance at the age of 30. Annuities: The annuities product range includes Fixed Annuities that provide tax-deferred growth and principal protection, Variable Annuities that allow customers to choose investment options from different funds and provide returns based on market performance and Income Annuities that provide a regular stream of income for lifetime. IRAs: Modern Woodmen of America offers Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs or Rollover IRAs to individuals. It also offers SEP-IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, 403(b) TSA Plans, 401(k) Plans, 457(b) and Keogh (HR-10) Plans for employers. College Savings: A 529 College Savings Plan and Coverdell Education Savings Account are available that allow for saving funds for funding college education. Mutual Funds: Mutual funds allow customers to invest their funds in a diversified portfolio under the guidance of professional money managers. Brokerage Services: Modern Woodmen of America offers brokerage accounts for trading stocks, bonds and options.

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