Is it possible to use USD in an IRA account to purchase a Swiss Longevity annuity?

Good question.

First thing to consider is that--to my knowledge--there are only a few types of annuities offered by Swiss insurance companies.

There is some Annuity Digest content on Swiss annuities that can be found by clicking here.

There seem to be 3 parts to the question:

1) The US dollar aspect: Swiss annuities are issued by Swiss insurance companies and are often (although NOT always) denominated in Swiss Francs.  Regardless, though, it would seem that the purchasing currency for a US citizen would be US dollars.

2) Many IRA structures will allow for self-directed investments and can include "alternative" assets such as real estate, metals, etc.  An example of one of these self-directed IRA custodians is Pensco.  The best way to find out about the potential use of qualified funds to purchase a Swiss annuity is by asking one of the Swiss-based annuity brokers (there are several) or going through the Swiss chamber of commerce.  Some of these resources may by listed in the Annuity Digest article on Swiss annuities.

3) Some swiss insurers do offer fixed deferred annuities.  That said, there is a difference between fixed deferred annuities and the deeply deferred structure of an advanced life deferred annuity (longevity insurance).  Again, this is a good question for a Swiss-based broker or financial advisor.