Automated Investment Strategy

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There is an interesting feature available through this product that allows for an investment strategy that is sort of similar to dynamic rebalancing.

MetLife refers to this as their "optional automated investment strategy" and there is a choice between 2 approaches to this automated rebalancing.

First, with the "Rebalancer" option the contract owner is allowed to select their own asset allocation (including the allocation to the fixed account) and the entire account is then rebalanced on a monthly basis to stay in line with their desired allocation.

The other option is the "Index Selector" where the contract owner selects among 5 preset asset allocation models that range from conservative to aggressive and are intended to reflect the owner's level of risk tolerance.  Model components include the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index, MetLife Stock Index, MSCI EAFE Index, Russell 2000 Index and MetLife Mid Cap Stock Index.

The automated approaches are a nice feature since they remove some of the complexity and day-to-day investment decision making responsibility.  


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