TIPS is short for Treasury Inflation Protected Securities. TIPS are government bonds that have their principal indexed to inflation. The coupon rate remains unchanged, but as the principal adjusts according to the rate of inflation, the actual interest payment--which is paid twice per year--changes. In this way, the owner of Treasury inflation protected securities is shielded from the erosive effects of inflation. While the principal is adjusted upwards in inflationary conditions, it does not fall below its original amount, even in deflation. TIPS interest is exempt from state and local taxes, but is subject to federal tax. TIPS are issued in 5, 10 and 30 year maturities and can be purchased direct through a Treasury auction or in the secondary market. It is important to note that the consumer price index (CPI) is the inflation benchmark used to adjust TIPS principal.

Pimco’s Gross Describes a New Age of Risk

Pacific Investment Management Company (Pimco) founder and co-chief investment officer Bill Gross offered a revised view of the global investing landscape in a letter published on the company’s website. 

As the manager of the Pimco Total Return Fund, Gross’s 2011 investment decisions were driven in part by the “new normal” thesis. 

The new normal view...

Risk Free Retirement

So what is the cost of having a retirement that is essentially free of financial risk?

Advice from World's Oldest Man

A great article with some longevity advice from Walter Bruenin--the world's oldest living man at 114.

Included among the tips are hard work (he worked until 99), watch what you eat, and be kind to others.

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Top Ten Annuity Buying Tips

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Annuity Digest Buying Guide: Top Ten Annuity Buying Tips