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What is Driving the Rush for the Variable Annuity Exit?


Why Financial De-Risking May Leave Consumers at a Loss

The term de-risk has been appearing frequently in recent financial news. 

General Motors’ recent decision to offer lump-sum...

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Why Fixed Annuities Could Prove Toxic in an Era of Financial Repression

In a recent and highly recommended Bloomberg op-ed, Carmen Reinhart discusses the options available to governments and central banks when attempting to deal with the burden of enormous amounts of public and private debt.

Reinhart suggests that the preferred policy option for many governments--including the United States--is a form of stealth taxation that amounts to...

Annuity Criticisms Often Boil-Down to Control of Assets


Annuity Business Drives Earnings Momentum at MetLife and Prudential

Life insurance companies MetLife and Prudential Financial both reported quarterly earnings that exceeded analysts' estimates. MetLife reported record variable annuity sales and a sharp rise in its retirement product fees. Prudential also reported strength in its annuity business. While annuity sales were strong at both companies, higher hedging costs had an adverse impact on the reported earnings of MetLife and Prudential. Source: Reuters Full Story