John Bogle

Breaking-Down the Annuity Expense Criticism

Coverage of annuities by the broader financial media tends to be negative, with much of the criticism focused on annuity expenses.

The criticism is typically accompanied by a blue-sky investing scenario that makes the case for annuities that much less compelling.  The theoretical retail...


Why Even Bother with Self-Service Investing During Retirement

I have a huge amount of sympathy for many of the people who are recently retired or close to retirement.


John Bogle on the Restoration of the Fiduciary Principle

Vanguard Founder John Bogle continues to write about the need to restore the notion of fiduciary duty in American business. Writing in the Journal of Portfolio Management, Bogle attributes the financial crisis to the declining standards in fiduciary duty and overall business ethics.

The Costs of Investing and How the Fund Management Industry Comes Out on Top

A common refrain among the financial media and the asset accumulation community is that annuities represent a poor option because of the high fees and expenses—much of which is presumably directed towards compensation of intermediaries—that are incurred by the customer.