The Top Reasons to Consider an Annuity

Annuities are complex, largely misunderstood, and often misrepresented in popular financial media.

The reality, though, is that these financial products are becoming an increasingly important part of the financial plans of millions of people around the world.  In fact, annuities are a vital component of the...

New Technology May Enable Rapid Cancer Screening and Detection

Researchers at the University of Toronto's school of medicine have developed a device that will enable rapid cancer screening. The device--a microchip--could can detect certain biomarkers associated with cancer in a matter of minutes. This technology would detect in minutes what now takes hours. Researchers hope that the innovation will lead to more frequent cancer screenings and hopefully higher overall levels of early detection. Source: Scientific American Full Story

An Interview with Retirement Planning Expert Henry Hebeler


Henry "Bud" Hebeler is a former Boeing executive who has been running a retirement planning...


Skepticism Required with Roth IRA Calculators

A good article from Investment News on the use of calculators for Roth IRA conversion calculators. Deciding whether to convert to a Roth IRA is fairly complex. There are a number of variables that come into play such as tax rates, investment returns, inflation rates, etc. Faulty assumptions for any one of the factors will produce faulty results and possibly poor decisions. Free, web-based calculators are often less robust than those used by financial advisors. Calculators and other analytical...
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Equity-Indexed Annuities Can be a Shell Game for Consumers

The first time I visited New York I was taken in a sidewalk shell-game within 45 minutes of being in the city—no kidding.  Shell games involve trying to guess where a card or any other item might reside after being shuffled among various covers by a dealer.

There are basically three reasons why I lost $40 within 45 minutes of arriving in NYC: 1) I was naïve; 2) I was overconfident in my card-spotting abilities, and; 3) there was a large amount of asymmetric information—in other words, the “dealers” (to use a polite term) had a heck of...