Inflation Protected Annuity

Inflation protection is an optional feature that may accompany fixed annuities. For an additional cost, fixed annuity payments can be adjusted based upon future rates of inflation. Inflation protection is an important feature because the value of future fixed payments can be severely impacted by inflation. Fixed annuity payments are based on prevailing interest rates. Any future increase in inflation will erode the purchasing power of an annuity purchased today unless that annuity adjusts for inflation. For example, at a 4 percent rate of inflation a $1,000 annuity payment will be worth $675 in 10 years.

Are Inflation Adjusted Annuities Worth the Cost?

Inflation protection for fixed annuities would seem to be a sensible consideration given the fact that central banks around the world are doing everything they can to reflate in the wake of an historic deleveraging.

After all, the worst possible place to be if and when inflation does kick-in is on the receiving end of nominal (not adjusted for inflation) fixed payments, and most fixed annuities fit this description perfectly.

While the inflation protection makes sense in theory, it turns-out that inflation-protected annuities may not be so sensible in practice....

Why Warren Buffett's Prescription Will Not Work for Retirees

In a Fortune article titled “Why Stocks Beat Gold and Bonds,” Warren Buffett provides a glimpse of his upcoming shareholder letter.

While Buffett’s advice is perfect for investors who have a long-term perspective, anyone near or in retirement may want to think twice about acting on the prescription.

The core of Buffett’s advice is as follows:

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