Longevity Risk

The risk of outliving one's assets. In other words, the risk of running out of money during retirement. In most countries, average life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past several decades. Longer lifespans are somewhat of a mixed blessing because of the financial burden associated with more years of retirement. Individuals, insurance companies and governments are exposed to the financial pressures created by the need to finance increasing longevity. Longevity risk is a key challenge for many societies around the world.

Inflation and Fixed Indexed Annuities

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Majority of Wealthy Americans Concerned about Longevity Risk

A recent survey conducted by Bank of America indicates that the majority of wealthy Americans are concerned about outliving their savings in retirement. The BofA survey results reveal that 53 percent of respondents are concerned about making their savings last through retirement, and 59 percent cite healthcare costs as a major concern. A surprising 67 percent of BofA survey respondents said that they did not work with a financial advisor for retirement planning . The survey focuses on...

Lower Volatility May be Short-Lived

Demand for Longevity Risk Picks-up with Lower Volatility

Demand for longevity risk has been returning to the UK pension market. High levels of volatility during the financial crisis deterred many players in the pension buyout market. The return to normalcy in the capital markets may, in fact, be contributing to under-pricing of longevity risk among those who are providing solutions to UK pension plan sponsors who seek to offload longevity-related liabilities. A worthwhile article in the Financial Times discusses the range of options that are...
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Swiss Re First in Providing Longevity Insurance to a Public Pension Fund

The Reinsurer Swiss Re has provided the first public-private longevity transaction with a U.K.-based public sector pension fund . Swiss Re is essentially providing longevity insurance to 11,000 of the current pensioners under the Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund. Swiss Re will assume the "floating" annuity payments and longevity risk for the 11,000 pensioners in exchange for an ongoing fixed premium. The Royal County of Berkshire retains control over the plan assets and the plan...