Longevity Risk

The risk of outliving one's assets. In other words, the risk of running out of money during retirement. In most countries, average life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past several decades. Longer lifespans are somewhat of a mixed blessing because of the financial burden associated with more years of retirement. Individuals, insurance companies and governments are exposed to the financial pressures created by the need to finance increasing longevity. Longevity risk is a key challenge for many societies around the world.

Review of Free Retirement Planning Tools

U.S. News & World Report featured a review of five free retirement planning tools that can be found online. The review includes retirement planning software from: AARP Fidelity MetLife T. Rowe Price The U.S. Department of Labor The general conclusion is that the tools do "an inconsitent and poor job," often ignoring critical factors such as longevity risk, inflation and medical expenses. Source: U.S. News & World Report Full Story

The Top Reasons to Consider an Annuity

Annuities are complex, largely misunderstood, and often misrepresented in popular financial media.

The reality, though, is that these financial products are becoming an increasingly important part of the financial plans of millions of people around the world.  In fact, annuities are a vital component of the...

How to Determine a Sustainable Level of Retirement Spending

What is the probability that a given level of spending is realistic or “sustainable” throughout one’s retirement?

Stated differently, what is the likelihood that a given level of retirement spending is fraught with longevity risk and will result in financial ruin—with ruin defined as the depletion of assets during one's lifetime?

A responsible or sustainable level of retirement spending is a fundamental...

Calculating the Value of a Longevity Annuity

A longevity annuity is arguably the most efficient way to...