Product Development

Anna Rappaport on Annuities and Planning for the Long Term

Anna Rappaport is widely recognized as a leading expert on retirement systems, workforce issues, the impact of changing demographics and women’s...

Bob MacDonald on the Unprecedented Opportunity in the Annuity Industry

Bob MacDonald has had a storied career as a leading entrepreneur and executive in the financial services industry.

Some of Bob’s roles include: president and CEO of ITT Life; founder, chairman and CEO of the highly successful LifeUSA, and; CEO of...

Cheaper Annuities

Another very interesting article from Leslie Scism of the Wall Street Journal (article can be viewed by clicking here).

A continuation of the discussion thread on low fee annuities that can be viewed by clicking here.

The Journal article discusses variable annuities and the impact that relatively inexpensive ETFs are having on product development.


AXA and ING Developing New Generation of Retirement Products with Guarantees

AXA and ING are in the process of launching a new generation of retirement products. Money Management reports that the two companies are developing a new line of retirement income products that provide more flexibility than traditional annuities. The products, which include AXA's "North" product line, are essentially traditional investments with an underlying safety net that is created through a hedging program. "Unlike old-style annuities, the client can withdraw from the product at any time (...