Annuities Information

I have a single premium deferred annuity of $21,000. Will I be able to get a loan against this, and if so, how much?

I depends on your specific contract.

Some insurance companies may provide loan provisions for their single premium deferred annuities.

Loan provision availability will vary from company to company.

Also, if there is a loan provision feature available, the specifics of what that feature allows will vary from product to product.

I just read your article on Stand Alone Living Benefits. Is there also discussion in the industry about a Stand Alone Death Benefit that would provide a guaranteed death benefit regardless of the performance of the managed assets?

I am not aware of anyone working on a standalone guaranteed death benefit, although I am not super close to it.

In a variable annuity such as the MetLife Series VA, if inflation rises, is it likely or even possible that the "5%" income account could increase?

Very good question.

In most cases, there is no guarantee.  

I suppose people could argue that there is some correlation between equity values and inflation.  If so, then increases in inflation would be accompanied by increases in equity prices.