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High expenses or fees are one criticism I have heard regarding annuities. Can you explain the fee structure around annuities?

Annuities are products that combine insurance and, in the case of variable annuities,


What are some rules of thumb for fixed income ppl choosing between bonds and annuities with their lump sum retirement payouts?

This is a great question but it is difficult to answer briefly. 

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I have heard that annuities are not good investments. How do I know if an annuity is right for my situation?

To begin with, while many annuities such as variable annuities have investment components, it might be useful to think of an

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I am in my 30s -- is there any reason I would buy an annuity now? My advisor has suggested it.

What type of risk is associated with annuities?

There are a number of risks associated with annuities, and these risks often depend on the type of

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