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An Interview with Retirement Planning Expert Henry Hebeler


Henry "Bud" Hebeler is a former Boeing executive who has been running a retirement planning...


Part Two of the Interview with Wharton Professor David Babbel

This is the second part of an interview with Professor David Babbel.

Part one can be found here.


An Interview with Wharton Professor David Babbel - Part One

This is the first part of an interview with Wharton Professor David Babbel.

Professor Babbel led the...

Risk Tolerance and Fixed Indexed Annuities - Why Rational Investors Will Prefer Annuities to Alternative Investments

This is a continuation of a series of posts that discuss a...

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More from Professor Babbel's Study - The Long-Run View of Equity Indexed Annuity Performance

The first part of Professor Babbel's presentation looked at the comparative performance of fixed indexed annuities and alternative investments over a 15 year period.

This next set of slides looks at performance over a much longer time period--dating back to January 1926. 

The implied account values of the 9 year and 14 year fixed indexed annuities are again compared to the alternative investments:


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