Longevity Insurance

Longevity insurance is a term used to refer to a longevity annuity. A longevity annuity is a type of income annuity with a deferred payout period that commences at a future date. The longevity insurance owner pays a single lump sum or makes incremental premium payments to purchase an income annuity that will not begin payments for many years--possibly decades. For example, person may purchase longevity insurance at age 65 with the intent of locking-in a lifetime of guaranteed payments that begin at age 85. The longevity annuity is a relatively new but very powerful form of annuity.

A Benchmark for Lifetime Income

The world is filled with investing indexes and benchmarks, and all professional investment managers measure their results relative to some type of performance standard such as the S&P 500.

On the retirement...

Treasury Department Focuses on Longevity Risk with Retirement Income Guidance

The Treasury Department just released a proposed set of regulations that could have a meaningful impact on the retirement income market in the U.S.

The Treasury’s guidance package builds on feedback received in response to the request for comments issued by the Labor and Treasury Departments last fall.


MetLife is Nudging the World of Defined Contribution toward Income Annuities

Jody Strakosch is the National Director for MetLife’s Retirement Products Group.  In this role, Jody has a broad perspective on developments in the institutional space.  In other words, Jody is intimately familiar with how in-plan accumulation and point of retirement annuities are evolving in the defined contribution arena. 



Anna Rappaport on Annuities and Planning for the Long Term

Anna Rappaport is widely recognized as a leading expert on retirement systems, workforce issues, the impact of changing demographics and women’s...

Would it be advisable to switch from my annuity to another type of investment?

It's difficult to provide an in depth response without having some more detail on the type of