Longevity Insurance

Longevity insurance is a term used to refer to a longevity annuity. A longevity annuity is a type of income annuity with a deferred payout period that commences at a future date. The longevity insurance owner pays a single lump sum or makes incremental premium payments to purchase an income annuity that will not begin payments for many years--possibly decades. For example, person may purchase longevity insurance at age 65 with the intent of locking-in a lifetime of guaranteed payments that begin at age 85. The longevity annuity is a relatively new but very powerful form of annuity.

Is it possible to use USD in an IRA account to purchase a Swiss Longevity annuity?

Good question.

First thing to consider is that--to my knowledge--there are only a few types of annuities offered by Swiss insurance companies.

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